Poolside News – Summer Newsletter Mid-July 2022



Member/Guest Weekend

July 29th, 30th, 31st

  • Please park up on the hill behind the cart storage area or make other arrangements.
  • There will be No Food Service for the pool area on

Saturday, July 30th.

  • (Members may pack a picnic lunch or have food delivered to the pool area.)
  • Thank you!

The July 4th Weekend Raffles

July 2nd              Tickets were sold, however, due to the weather, it was decided to hold that money over to July 3rd.

July 3rd               Congratulations, Brian Zane.        ($177.00)

July 4th               Congratulations to Calvin’s Mom.  ($88.00)

                           The proceeds of $265.00 will go towards events and prizes for the children on Labor Day Weekend.  (9/4/2022 / Rain Date: 9/5/2022)

“A Day at The Races”

Sunday, Sept. 4th
Rain Date: Monday, September 5th
1:30 P.M.

The Plan

  • Sign Up Sheets will be available during the month of August.
  • Children will be grouped according to age.
  • The Pool Committee will meet to discuss the # of events depending upon the number of children planning to participate.
  • There will also be a variety of “yard games”.
  • We will have participation ribbons, race prizes, and popsicles for the children after the races.
  • We will need parent participation to help the day run smoothly.

Please contact Mike Mastrianni @ mike.at.the.pool@gmail.com or mikemastrianni1@gmail.com.

Other News


If you are missing any personal items such as towels, flip flops, or the like, they may be at the pool!  Please check the shelf at the bath-house next time you are at the Country Club!  Thank you!

Guest Policy at SDCC

The pool has a record number of memberships this year, so we ask that all members adhere to the guest policy, especially on weekends.  Thank you for anticipated cooperation!

“A guest is permitted to use the pool twice per week (M-F) and once on the weekend (Sat./Sun.).”

“It is the sponsoring member’s responsibility to ensure that their guests are registered (signed in) and the appropriate fees are paid.”

Guest Fee    $5.00 per person


Please be sure to continue to check your emails from SDCC throughout the summer months.  The pool hours may need to be adjusted based on lifeguard availability and the changes in weather.  Thank you!

The Pool Committee


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