Pool Side News July 2024

Southern Dutchess Country Club

Beacon, NY

July 2024


(Summer Monthly Newsletter)


From the deck

The hot weather certainly didn’t waste anytime getting here!  We are pleased to report that recently, the water temperature reached 82*F.  Our Servers deserve a big hand of applause working weekends in this heat!  Please continue to thank them for their attentiveness and friendly service!


The lap swimmers finish at noon.  If you find yourself coming to the pool early, please have something quiet for the children to do.  The lifeguards will “transition” the pool as the lap swimmers are finishing up. The guards make the judgement call when to begin general swimming.  The children have been patient and seem to enjoy watching the lap swimmers as they finish up.


Please help us maintain a clean and neat pool area.  Remember to pick up litter and retrieve toys, towels, and such. Check the Lost and Found basket if you are missing something. Straightening chairs and checking that your table is clean before leaving also helps the lifeguards with the clean-up duties before closing.




Welcome Lifeguard Christine Alicea! She will also be with us for the season!  Alicea grew up in the Hudson Valley and is a mom.  She will be performing at The Howland Cultural Center this month! Such talent!

Salsa y Plena- Cuboriqua & Christine Alicea

Saturday, July 27th @ 8 P.M.



There is always ice-cold water and extra condiments on the table near the stairs to the porch area.  You are also welcome to eat on the porch if the weather becomes stormy or it is too uncomfortable outside.  We just ask that you follow the dress code and don’t come up right out of the pool with wet suits.

Sarah has Pool Party Reservation forms at the bar.  It’s a great way to take advantage of our beautiful facility. Sarah and Sabrina will be more than happy to assist you in planning your get-together and suggesting a menu.



Swim Lessons

It is not too late to take advantage of the talented swim instructors here at Southern Dutchess.  Please see Matt or Lily to arrange a schedule that works for you and your family.  Individual lessons can assess your child’s current level and build on those skills.  You will be amazed at the results from only a few lessons!  Lily has provided the QR code to use.







Buy Your Ticket(s) & Save the Date!

  • SDCC Capital Fund Project
  • Limited Number of Tickets
  • $100 per ticket
  • 10 Pay Out Prizes
  • Open to Members & Non-Members
  • Cocktail Party Celebration with 1 Hour Open Bar on November 8th


SDCC Guest Policy Reminder…


  1. “A guest is permitted to use the pool twice per week (M-F) and once on the weekend (Sat./Sun.).”
  2. “It is the sponsoring member’s responsibility to ensure their guests are registered (signed in) and pay the appropriate fee. (RED NOTEBOOK)
  3. The guest fee remains at $5.00 per person. An envelope should be dated in the red notebook for the fees.
  4. Thank you for your cooperation!





Enjoy your time relaxing at the pool!

The Pool Committee

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